About us

Founded in 1991, Atom Content Marketing was created to give clients a way to communicate effectively with the hard-to-reach small business market. With more than 20 years’ experience of engaging with small and medium-sized businesses — we know what works best.

We focus on building relationships with organisations that want to reach and engage with start-ups and SMEs. We can help you to cut through the online noise with high quality, practical content your business audience will value — backed up by marketing and digital services that deliver results.

Atom is run by CEO Rory MccGwire (right), MD Lisa Williams and a dedicated team of digital, project management, content and marketing specialists, based in the heart of Bristol. They’re supported by a UK-wide network of subject experts, business writers and advisers.

Find out more about what we offer and who we help or contact us to discuss how our content marketing solutions can help you to achieve your objectives.

“We believe to be experts in this market you have to do it yourself. That’s why we launched our Donut websites. Running our own sites means we know what works and we pass on our experience to our clients to help them achieve their goals.”Rory MccGwire, Chief Executive, Atom Content Marketing