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Social media heroes

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Laura Swales, Atom’s digital marketing executive, has been having a chat with friends and colleagues to find out which social media tools and websites they couldn’t do without. Here’s a list of their favourites, and what they like about them. Laura says: “I manage eight social media accounts, and each …

A Twitter strategy for law firms

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Before I list some useful tips for law firms using Twitter, let’s start with how-to-create-a-strategy in general. Put simply, the main questions are always: What are you trying to achieve? How will you achieve it? How will you know when you have achieved it (aka, what does success look like)? Most firms …

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Build the best law firm website

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Law firm websites are better and better. Firms have stopped talking about themselves. Instead, they now focus on the 64 million dollar question: what do the users want from our website? The answer is straightforward. People firstly use the web to research something. Then they use it to purchase that …