BHP Christmas party

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It’s snowy, so it must be Christmas.  At least, that’s what we reckoned last night at our mid-January celebration, complete with Secret Santa and festive pizza.  Our man in the North came down for the day and ordered the special pizza-with-chips.  Just saying.

We kicked off the evening with a quiz devised by our very own Jack Somervell including a ‘Donut’ round.  That’s probably a bit too in-house, even for some of us, frankly…

The evening was one of the things that makes working for a small business, and this one in particular, worthwhile – a bunch of colleagues who are pretty relaxed with each other, prepared to let their hair down and still turn up the next day, a little subdued possibly, but ready to take on the rest of 2013 with renewed cheer and determination.

As for the quiz team champions – all I can say is we woz robbed.