Business woman or mumpreneur?

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Our shorthand for women in business still has something to say about office and business norms. At Atom we’ve got a fairly even gender spread at all levels, but our latest Donut newsletter has addressed the issue of male and female characteristics in work, and assumptions we still make about women (and men) in business.

This month’s edition asked three experts in the field about what it takes to run a business and whether or not we still have a bias towards a certain (male?) way of doing things. The article makes for interesting reading. It seems it’s not all The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den in the real world – thankfully.

Each month, Donut looks in a bit more depth at issues around small businesses and their owners, and what makes us all tick, as well as providing practical hints and tips from our experts.

There’s no sugar on our Donuts, but we hope they’ll give you food for thought.