Chrome’s six best add-ons

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squittenThere’s a realm of browser add-ons that you can use to help with your daily productivity, organisation, creativity or just to have a break. As I write this I’m being timed by the Pomodoro timer in an attempt to draft a blog in half an hour.

Here are Atom’s best loved browser add-ons:

1. Full Page screen capture

This add-on will cleverly capture the entire website page you are currently on. As many websites now scroll endlessly it can be a chore to connect together multiple screen captures and edit them together. This tool will capture a clear and legible webpage – which can be used in presentations, or to send to clients.

2. ColorZilla

This tool allows you to select any colour on a website and store the hex colour code for you to use later on. This is great when you are working on a brand – as you can make sure you pick the exact colours. Also if you see a great colour you want to use you can easily store the details for later.

3. Giphy for Chrome

GIFs have become hugely popular recently. In the past year people shared over 100 million GIFs. They have joined the ranks of emojis in communicating and expressing emotions online. GIFs have been already used for years in online blogs and communities, but now brands have jumped on the bandwagon and they are becoming ever present in brands’ communications with their fans.

4. Last Pass

If like most people you have about a million passwords that are all different and look like this ‘GTytr5^%4!!”)HYgbm\%$^’, then Last Pass is an essential add-on. It allows you to securely store your passwords and will handily have them ready for you when you log on to whatever site you are using.

5. Emoji Input

Emojis have been becoming a language of their own in the past few years. We can effectively communicate our feelings with a few pictures. ‘Do you want pizza tonight?’ ‘🍕👍🏻👌🏻💁🏼’

This add-on is great to use with Twitter.

6. Squitten

And for when life gets too much, a quick game of the visually pleasing ‘squirrel kitten’, ‘Squitten’, is enough to calm the angriest of office workers.

By using Pomodoro, I have ignored my emails for half an hour, not allowed myself to get distracted and written a draft in one satisfying effort.