Four years in the life of a Donut

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Donut business advice websitesTomorrow is a special day. The first Donut website, Marketing Donut, was launched on 20 April 2009. It’s our fourth birthday.

Four years ago.

Just think how much our lives have changed. A friend came back from a year’s sabbatical and said “No one speaks to each other in the office any more. They just type messages and emails, even if you are six feet away.”

It’s all Twitter this and Twitter that.

So what has changed in the world of websites, apart from the importance of social media?

In a word, search.

Five years ago, when we thought we might invest a pile of our precious cash into a set of Donut websites, we consulted a lot of clever people … and we asked them all how they thought online search would evolve. Put simply, they said that Google would gradually find a way to identify genuinely good content.

So we’ve never tried to trick Google. Instead, our focus has been on making it easy for Google to see how brilliant (if I may say so) the Donut content is.

And sure enough Google does seem to love us. It loves Law Donut, Marketing Donut, Start Up Donut, IT Donut and even little Tax Donut  … because people use the web to find answers to questions, and we provide those answers.

Monthly traffic doubled year-on-year to 150,000 visits in January and has continued to grow. So all the experts who have contributed content get more exposure, as do our corporate backers such as Sage and Royal Mail. Phew, it worked.

And all the organisations who license the Donut content from us, such as law firms, are happy too. Their clients/members/customers like the content for the same reason as Google — because it is top quality content.

Business, and the world of websites and content marketing, is never predictable. But we can’t help thinking that Google will carry on favouring the best content. I can almost hear the slogan now. The future is ROUND. The future is … DONUT!