Lessons from the Pope

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As I write, the media is delightedly pondering on the image of a pontiff with his own Twitter account.

The Catholic Church is not known for its rapid response to social change, but social media seems to be an exception to this. Spotting a communication tool with even more outreach potential than a popemobile or a balcony in St Peter’s square, the Vatican is embracing Twitter as a forum (good Latin word there) to resurrect an old language and reach a young congregation.

And who does the Pope follow in return? Just himself. Maybe that’s a lesson in confidence.

At BHP we take Twitter seriously (well, as seriously as you can do with only 140 characters to play with) and offer tweeting packages as part of our client services. But we take a slightly different approach from the 85-year-old Benedict XVI.

Our tweets are all about making life easier for people. So they are not in Latin. They mainly deal with real-life questions in business. We’ve come up with about two thousand questions that people ask, and we provide the answers on Twitter.

All sorts of organisations, such as law firms and chambers of commerce, then tweet this helpful information to their followers, who in turn re-tweet it. And the links in the tweets take the users back to the website of the law firm or chamber of commerce, so everyone is happy.

Ave Maria! Carpe diem!