Online communications: practising what we preach

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rocket_49892620Why endure the wasted time of travelling to work when you can roll out of bed and start working from your spare bedroom, with none of the hassle and environmental damage that commuting entails? Well that’s certainly the view from Denis, our ‘Man Up North’, who has been working for BHP from home for two years now.  It would take a lot to persuade him to change this lifestyle.

Denis is our online communications manager, and very much part of the team.  He looks after the popular and, although we say so ourselves, excellent Donut newsletter, and also manages the build and distribution of our clients’ bespoke legal newsletters, covering everything from real estate law to shipping and transport. This is followed up by newsletter tracking and reporting so our clients can see how each individual article performed.

Denis sums up his working style: ‘Working from home has its challenges and pitfalls; it can feel quite lonely up North when everybody in Bristol is eating Lisa’s home baking. However, with the use of the BHP virtual private network, home workers have access to all the files they need on the company server, and we have continuous dialogue and team meetings via Microsoft Lync, so sometimes it is hard to tell who is in the office and who is at home.  We do also meet up for company meetings and socials, so we get to share the cake sometimes’.

And if Denis had to commute again?  Well, the picture holds the clue to his preferred mode of transport, built by local boy Stephenson.