Ten ways law firms can attract more website visitors

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SEO_imageAs a professional firm, your website is the hub of your marketing strategy — a place where you can set out your stall, demonstrate your expertise and encourage visitors to get in touch and become valued clients.

But how can law firms attract more visitors to their websites? Increasing web traffic starts with understanding your own firm’s unique selling points (USPs) and promoting them as widely as possible. In a highly competitive environment, the biggest challenge for law firms today is standing out.

Here are ten ways to attract more website visitors — so that you can convert browsers into new clients.

1 Get the marketing basics right

Before you do any kind of online traffic-building, you need to make sure your marketing basics are in order. This includes the keywords and phrases that best demonstrate your expertise and highlight your USPs as well as your contact information. These valuable assets are the key to attracting more people to your website — giving them both a reason and a means to get in touch. You can use these vital details on your website (so they show up in search results) — as well as on business cards, in brochures, in directory entries and in person.

2 Improve your website content

Is your web content old and tired? Is it too focused on the past and your firm’s illustrious history? Effective website content must be up-to-date and relevant. Above all it must be client-focused — make sure you are using the word “you” more than “we”. Your website copy must clearly show what you do and why clients should choose you over your competitors. Focus on your specialist areas and spell out how you can help. Include testimonials and cases studies as proof of your credentials. Build a website that is people-focused and develop a compelling tone of voice for your law firm — as a trusted adviser.

3 Get ranked in search results

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about ensuring search engines like Google feature your website prominently when someone searches for relevant words and phrases. If you haven’t done this already, submit your website to Google and Yahoo to make sure you’re on their radar. You can use Google’s Keywords Tool to find out what words and phrases are used by prospects when they are searching for a law firm like yours. These phrases are often specific in terms of the service required (employment disputes, for instance) as well as locality. So make sure your website copy incorporates all the valuable phrases that could help your website to get found — in headings, page titles and descriptions. For a law firm, it’s well worth having dedicated landing pages for each area of specialism — people browsing online are more likely to find you and once they have, they will feel confident they are in the right place.

4 Take advantage of pay-per-click advertising

Another option is to buy traffic through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC allows you to bid for highly-visible top-ranking positions under keywords of your choice. Costs vary depending on the popularity of the phrase but you can set spending limits so that you keep within budget and specific phrases are often cheaper to bid on. If you use the right search terms, pay-per-click advertising can deliver well-qualified traffic as well as improve your rankings across the board.

5 Create an email newsletter

Email is an excellent way to keep in touch with existing and potential clients and drive traffic to your website. An email newsletter is ideal for law firms that want to keep old clients warm until they are ready to return or to turn prospects into new clients. It’s also a great cross-selling tool — an email newsletter can show clients the full range of services you offer so they come back to you time and again. An effective email newsletter should showcase your expertise and be useful and relevant to recipients. Getting the tone of voice and frequency right is vital, however — don’t bombard your mailing list with thinly disguised sales messages. That will be perceived as spam. And give people plenty of opportunities to sign up to your newsletter in order to build up your database.

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6 Write a blog

There are many ways that lawyers can share their expertise in order to raise the profile of their firm and drive traffic to the company website. A blog is a good place to start. It allows your staff to demonstrate their knowledge of important areas of law in an easy-to-read conversational style that readers will appreciate. Guest blogging on other websites allows you to widen your reach and drive traffic back to your website via credits and links.

7 Get up to speed with social networking

Online networking has become an integral part of any professional marketing strategy and your social media profiles are important calling cards for your people. Professional spaces, such as LinkedIn, allow your staff to show off their credentials and give you the chance to drive visitors to your website. It’s worth investigating where your target customer base is active on social media. Facebook may not be right for a law firm but Twitter is fast-becoming an important way for people to share information. Twitter offers law firms the opportunity to build a reputation and develop a large following — and your Tweets can provide valuable links back to your website.

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8 Share your expertise

Today’s professional marketing is not about the hard-sell, it’s more about sharing knowledge and building relationships. Sharing your expertise by speaking at and attending events, for instance, is a great way to boost traffic to your website. In addition, a few well-written articles placed on key industry websites can generate traffic. Offer advice and analysis that adds value so that it is widely read and shared and establishes you as an expert. Always include a short bio and a link to the relevant page on your website. The more exposure you get, the more your services will be in demand.

 9 Ask others to spread the word

There are lots of ways to get others to help you spread the word about your law firm. This starts with including testimonials from satisfied clients on your website. You can also encourage word-of-mouth by prompting readers to share and pass on the valuable advice on your website, in your blogs and within email newsletters. Another great way to boost traffic to your site is to collaborate with a strategic partner. For law firms, collaborating with other professional service firms, such as accountants or estate agents, can help to spread the word about your services to new audiences.

 10 Analyse, test and refine

Use a free web analytics tool such as Google Analytics to find out more about the traffic you are getting from different sources. By testing and refining your SEO and your email marketing based on the results you are getting, you can significantly increase traffic to your website.

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