The Donuts in numbers

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Managing director Lisa Williams explains why Atom Content Marketing has produced the infographic below and a new Sage-sponsored 16-step guide to starting a business.


Why did you decide to study visitors to the Donut websites?

Lisa Williams (LW): “The Donut sites have been around since 2009. Since then we’ve had 19.2m unique visitors and 34.5m page views for all six Donut sites, so there’s a huge amount of data from which insight can be gained, not only on our site visitors, but also the information needs of people starting and running their own business. As part of relaunching the sites this year, we wanted to find out much more about site visitors.”

What specific things did you want to find out?

LW: “What content was most popular, how many pages visitors were looking at per session and how long they stayed on the sites. It’s interesting stuff anyway, but better understanding visitor behaviour has helped us when planning the new versions of the sites.”

Did it confirm what you already knew about small businesses?

LW: “It did, really. Obviously, we’ve been monitoring site usage since the Donuts were launched in 2009 and our knowledge of small businesses’ content needs is based on 20 years’ experience. Writing a business plan, coming up with business ideas, employment law, such topics remain popular, but it also shows how newer subjects, such as social media marketing, have grown in popularity.”

How do you analyse the traffic?

LW: “We use Google analytics. As well as data you might expect, such as monthly visitors and most popular pages, etc, we also wanted to find out quirky facts, such as the most remote place from which someone has visited our site. It’s a remote island in the Indian Ocean. Carrying out detailed analytics and bringing together key facts in a handy infographic has been interesting and valuable.”

You’ve also produced a brand new guide…

LW: “We have – How to start your own business. It’s sponsored by Sage and sets out 16 key start-up tasks. It also includes bite-size tips from small-business owners taken from Start Up Donut. As well as learning from them, we want readers to be inspired to be like them. The Donut websites are full of inspirational stories and useful real-world tips – the new guide reflects this.”

Why have you produced the new guide?

LW: “Again, it ties in with relaunching the Donut sites in 2016. It provides a way into the wealth of free guidance the Donut websites offer, whether you’re starting up or want to run your existing business more successfully. We’ve been producing market-leading content for start-ups and small businesses for more than 20 years. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw upon.”

What’s your favourite part of the guide?

LW: “Definitely the quotes at the back – key start-up tips from successful business owners. They offer really valuable insights – right from the ‘horse’s mouth’. What better way to learn?”