What Atom learnt in 2015

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shutterstock_356448059Isn’t it nice to look back on a successful year, with a happy team and cash in the bank? We’ve been through some pretty tough years recently, which has made 2015 all the sweeter.

Yes, the markets that we sell into had healthier budgets in 2015, but we also think we did the right things strategically. Here are seven quick points:

  1. We moved into serviced offices and were surprised at how cost-effective this type of premises has become. The rent is a very reasonable all-in-one monthly cost which includes a high quality reception and switchboard service. The meeting rooms are pay-as-you-go. And best of all, they give us free doughnuts every Friday (yes, truly).
  2. We kept our costs down and continued to develop our in-house talent rather than hiring new employees. For example, our IT apprentice had been here for three years and is now a key part of the full-time team.
  3. We continued to invest heavily in new technology and our publishing workflows are now a thing of great beauty. So too are the business advice websites that we have provided to our clients.
  4. We again experimented with advertising on our Donut websites and this time we found a formula that works. We now have major brands lining up to promote themselves to the 600,000 SMEs that are our monthly users.
  5. We tweaked our offer to law firms and anticipate that in 2016 we will double our sales to this rapidly changing sector.
  6. We also expanded our use of highly specialised freelances and outsourcers. We have found that these suppliers remain with Atom year after year, so we achieve continuity and quality. Meanwhile the core Atom team also changes little from year to year.
  7. Lastly, one thing did not change. We still find that the best way to keep morale high is a trip to the pub. In 2015, for the first time, we ended up in a karaoke bar. Let’s just say it was a night to remember, Caroline and Emma.