Write what you know and know what you enjoy

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Write what you know

One of the most common mistakes in content marketing is to give the job of writing to someone that isn’t passionate or knowledgeable about the subject. To write successful content you need to know the subject you are writing about and more importantly you need to enjoy writing about that subject.

If your business has employees that are passionate and knowledgeable about a subject you should encourage them to write about it. The content they create may not be written in exactly the style you would like, however it will often be engaging and full of interesting information. You can always edit this content to fit your style later. Another option is to employ a professional writer to interview your expert employees and then write for them. We often do this for our clients as it keeps the writing style consistent, reduces the time taken to produce the content and often delivers the best results.

Another option is to find a content style that suits your team. Some people are more comfortable writing, others prefer producing videos, graphics or presentations. All of these media types have an important part to play in your content marketing mix, so encourage people to find what they’re most comfortable with and best at.

If you decide to employ a full time writer or you’re working with an agency you should still encourage them to work directly with your team. You know your business best, so don’t be afraid to challenge the ideas your writer or agency suggest. The best results almost always come from striking a balance between what the writer thinks is best and what you feel will work your audience.

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