Atom infographic for Sage features in the Telegraph

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Sage infographicAt Atom we’re often asked to provide a real mix of content for our clients as they look to publish across multiple channels. Sage is a case in point: earlier this month we created seven business advice guides to help their customers discover and realise their potential. Sage knew that they had good products that could really benefit their customers. What they needed from us was succinct, easy to understand guides to help answer some of the issues faced by small businesses today.

Not only do we write guides for our clients, we also design them to be eye-catching. One of the infographics we designed for Sage on determined Start Ups in the high street  was featured in the finance section of The DailyTelegraph, both in print and online, which contributed to the fantastic response the guides have received overall.

One of our key strengths is our ability to bridge the gap between large and small businesses. A small business ourselves, we have been working alongside large organisations from government to multi-million pound corporates for more than twenty years, and speak both languages. Part of the pleasure in what we do is helping businesses communicate with each other, straightforwardly and effectively.

Joanna Peters is Head of Corporate Accounts at Atom