Always think SEO when creating your content

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SEONo matter what sort of content you’re producing there should be an element of SEO planning involved. Some content will be produced with the sole purpose of reaching a search audience; others may appear to have no relation to your SEO goals. We’d argue, no matter what content you’re producing there is opportunity to help your search rankings. Here are some simple ways to ‘think SEO’ when you’re planning and executing your content marketing.

Offline content

If you’re producing a piece of content for use offline think of ways you can put it online too. For example if you’re giving a presentation at an event, upload it to Slideshare and make sure it has a few links back to your website. If you’re writing a press release for a local newspaper, host it on your website. You may have sales documents you use in meetings; these can also be hosted on your website.

The simple action of providing a wide range of content on your site and on other web platforms can assist your SEO. You’ll be surprised what Google finds and the huge variety of search terms people use when researching products and services.

Online content

Online content offers a range of SEO opportunities. If you are planning a piece of content for online use you should always undertake some simple keyword research. Keyword research is the process of looking at the words people use when searching for your specific content subject.  Take a look at these helpful tips on keyword research.

Once you know the words people use to search for you chosen subject you should take the following simple steps as a minimum:

1.    Use the target keywords in the URL for the page

2.    Include the target keywords at the beginning of the page title

3.    Use the target keywords early in the first paragraph of your content

4.    If you have sub headings try to use the target keywords in these too

5.    Add the target keywords to your page description, keywords and title tags

6.    Ensure you do not overuse the keywords. Remember you are writing for people not Google

Of course your content won’t always have an obvious keyword target. This shouldn’t stop you writing it. Having fresh feeds of regular content on your website will help your SEO. In most cases you will have an opportunity to link to other content from your piece. Cross linking within your website is important for SEO, so when you’re writing think about other content on your site you can link to. If at all possible link to other pieces of content from the keywords that page is targeting. For example if you are linking to a page titled ‘Best bank accounts’ you should link to it using the words ‘best bank accounts’ or a variation of these words. These links are called anchor text links and form an important part of SEO.

These simple tips should set you on your way to SEO success, however there are many more things you should consider. For more on SEO visit the search engine marketing section of our Marketing Donut website.