Beating the floods

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Based in hilly Bristol, Atom is fortunate that its main office is untouched by recent storms and flooding, but we are flanked by Somerset and Gloucestershire and have staff who work remotely from rainy Durham, damp Oxfordshire and drenched Devon. We already have a flexible working policy for office workers and homeworkers alike. At times like this, though, it’s clearer than ever that remote working can make good business sense as well as enabling staff to have a better work/life balance.

What of those businesses who rely on a regular footfall to make ends meet, or whose reputation for speedy delivery of goods is being put on the line? We’ve pulled together a summary of our resources on the Start Up Donut on having the right insurance for your business and making a claim if the worst happens.

Meanwhile, our January get-together this week may be a bit thin on the ground, but we’ll be sending pictures and tweets of our food and drink to our less fortunate colleagues, with only a little crowing.

Happy New Year everyone.