Eight valuable lessons from our brilliant band of experts

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shutterstock_129636161Running a business is all about learning and for small business owners that process never stops. But you don’t just learn by doing, although that’s certainly valuable; you also learn from others.

That’s why, across the Donut websites, our blogs are such a key part of our service to small firms, offering expert insight and inspiration from those that have been there and done it.

Our expert contributors cover the full gamut of business issues, highlighting trends, explaining new concepts and offering a fresh perspective on everything from sales to social media.

2015 was a bumper year for blogs on Marketing Donut – here are eight of the best.

Why agreeing with your client may not be the best way to make a sale

Salespeople typically fall into one of the five key types. There’s the relationship builder, the problem-solver, the challenger, the lone wolf and the hard worker. Most salespeople, Andy Bounds reveals, are relationship builders and that’s no bad thing; but most successful of all are the challengers – the ones that aren’t afraid to tell clients where they might be going wrong.

Psst, wanna know a secret?

Best-selling author Dee Blick reveals the 13 ways that successful entrepreneurs market their business. These are those crucial strategies and approaches that separate the best from the rest; read on and discover if you’ve got what it takes.

Is it time to stop talking and just listen on social media?

There’s so much focus on what to say on social media and how to say it. But there’s a lot you can learn by simply listening in. Emma Pauw offers nine good reasons why listening can be just as useful as talking.

Stop wasting time on sales leads that are going nowhere

Here’s a scary statistic for you – nearly 80% of leads never result in a sale. To avoid wasting precious time, it’s vital to qualify your leads and the good news is that you can do this is just ten minutes. Shweta Jhajharia explains her minute-by-minute approach.

Journalists are not prospects – any hint of a sales pitch and they’ll stop listening

If you want to get press coverage, you’re going to have to accept one important thing – your news may not excite anyone outside your business. But there are ways to get a journalist’s attention, as Ashley Carr reveals.

If at first you don’t succeed…

We’ve all hit dead-ends when trying to reach the right contact at a big company. When email and phone calls failed, Amanda Ruiz reached out on LinkedIn and quickly got a positive response.

Why many businesses still don’t get social media … and how you can use that to your advantage

Social media is about sharing and supporting, not simply broadcasting. Above all it’s about making your customers the heroes. But many businesses still don’t understand this. The good news, says Grant Leboff, is that if you get it right, you’ll quickly stand out from the rest.

Turning proposals into new business

This is another excellent blog by Andy Bounds. Follow these seven tips and you will write better sales proposals and get more business out of them.