From BHP to Atom – what’s behind the change?

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Today marks an exciting new stage in our company’s development, as we change our name to Atom ContentAtom_favicon_blue Marketing.

It seems like only yesterday that I founded what was then called ‘Business Hotline Publications’. That was 1991. The internet had yet to appear and our initial customers were the business support helplines of the taxpayer-funded TECs. It was a Ronseal name — we did exactly what it said on the tin.

Ten years later, we made a subtle change to BHP Information Solutions to give a better idea of the online platforms we provide that content sits in: websites, newsletters, landing pages, online tools, dashboards and the associated data and reporting. BHP was already light years from the traditional view of ‘publishing’ and we wanted to reflect that in our title.

Fast forward to 2013 and BHP’s world had changed beyond recognition. Our corporate client base remains the same, but where the TECs and then Business Links used to dominate we now have professional firms, local councils, universities and colleges keen to market themselves to businesses. As a result, demand for our content and services is booming.

The other massive change has been in marketing itself. Organisations have gradually realised that a lot of advertising no longer works in our internet-dominated world. So the marketing game has moved on. The key words are ‘know’, ‘like’, ‘trust’ and ‘recommend’. These stepping stones to a purchase can be achieved through what is now called content marketing.

We have been content marketing experts for 22 years, so I am delighted that this activity has now gone mainstream. We used to have to explain what we do in a whole sentence: ‘We help organisations to acquire, retain and upsell through the intelligent use of business content’.

So now we don’t have to spell out what content marketing is and does. What we still want people to know about is not what we do, but what we are. As writers and editors, we get straight to the nub of the issue, regardless of topic. We chose ‘Atom’ as our new name as it reflects this ‘nub’.

Of course, as good marketers we have tested our instinct with our client base to make sure that Atom conjures up the energetic, essential and dynamic business that we are. Here’s the really useful checklist we followed to make sure we didn’t miss anything when implementing the name change.

Maybe we’ve actually come full circle — Atom Content Marketing tells you exactly who we are and what we do.