Get your own house in order

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shutterstock_138955304You know how it is – you advise clients on keeping accurate records, on ‘working on the business, not in the business’, on taking time out for strategic thinking or for rewarding your staff.

Meanwhile, your own business continues to work by the seat-of-its pants, running from one project to the next on a do-as-I-say, not as-I-do basis.

One of the reasons we started our blog on this site is that we genuinely believe that good content is what gets you noticed. But it’s also, for us, a good discipline to make sure we practise what we preach. Taking time to write about what we do and why we do is more than reaching out to potential clients and showcasing our services.

It’s no bad thing for us to stop and consider, from time to time, what we spend our time on. If we can’t explain it in a way that makes sense to an outsider, perhaps we need to check that we haven’t started walking down a rather narrow road or even been diverted completely from our original path.

In a nutshell, then, this is what we do. We use content to make a group of people (the target audience) take a set of actions (download a piece of information, click through to a landing page) that lead to an outcome (usually more sales) for our client. And to do this more cost-effectively, we often make use of items from a huge set of existing content that we own and maintain: briefings, checklists, videos, FAQs, Q&As, blogs, tweets, infograhics, and so on. For example, on employment law alone we have 800 FAQs and about 600 tweets, and that is just for employers.

Content is at the heart of what we do. The Marketing Donut frequently reminds businesses that social media, blogging, just being ‘out there’ is at the heart of maintaining a presence as well as winning new business. We send newsletters to around 50,000 recipients each month. We have about 250,000 unique visitors to our Donut sites every month, a number that keeps building. Our largest clients are corporates such as HSBC and Sage, while our smallest client is a one-man law firm. We are the people behind the Start Up Donut, Law Donut, Marketing Donut, Tax Donut and IT Donut.

We also have a blog.