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download_20161013_113315To celebrate the launch of our new look Donut sites we ran a Twitter competition asking our business-owning readers “What’s the one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself when you started up?”. 

We wanted to know from real people what they wish they’d known when they first started their business, and of course our prize was a box of doughnuts!

Read on to see our winning entries and the judges’ comments on why we picked our winners…

Paul Miller Cornish Accounting: “That initially taking on any client was wrong. Need to be the right one. Same for employees. Need to wait for the right one.”

Our judges’ comments:

We all tend to be in a mad hurry when we start a business, desperate to make progress. But a bad client can turn out to be a disaster, wasting your time and perhaps even not paying you at the end of it all. Likewise taking on an employee who is merely ‘OK’ can mean you have to do half of their work, whereas a good employee can do half of your work. Take your time and choose carefully.

Hamza Datoo: “If you truly believe your idea is cutting edge don’t let anybody convince you otherwise #trustyourgut.”

Our judges’ comments:

Starting up yet another hair salon or yet another marketing agency is one thing. But starting up something innovative and completely new is another. Unless it is a truly dumb idea, no one can say whether it will work or not, as it has not yet been tried. So try it, but be prepared to ‘Fail fast and learn fast’. Success in business has more to do with the person than with the ‘idea’. With successful people, the original ideas behind a business tend to quickly lead on to other, better ideas.

Nancy Botwin: “Every person you meet has experience or wisdom to share. Talk to ANYONE and EVERYONE!”

Our judges’ comments:

Well, perhaps not every single person can help you, but the sentiment behind this statement is absolutely correct. Your customers, your suppliers, your employees and even some competitors can be extremely helpful if you just ask them what they would do differently if they were you. You may be surprised how ready people are to support someone who is starting up a business. They were a startup too, once.

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