Reasons to be cheerful … about content

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shutterstock_346762226I am sure I don’t have to persuade you that content should be an important part of your marketing strategy. But knowing something and doing something about it can be two different things.

If the phrase “content marketing” triggers feelings of guilt or even fear, you are certainly not alone. Maybe your blog could do with some love; or your online resources are not completely up to date; perhaps you haven’t created those case studies you were planning; or you need to update your About us page.

In short, content is a job that’s never “done” so it’s always going to be on your to do list. But don’t let that stop you in your tracks. Sometimes it helps to remember why you are doing something – especially something like content that often pays dividends over time and in ways that you can’t always measure.

So if your commitment to content is flagging, remember this:

  • Specialist content proves that you are an expert in your field. Sharing your knowledge reassures clients that you are the best person to do business with.
  • Up-to-date content proves that you have got your finger on the pulse; it shows you are a leader not a follower. It can also increase your online prominence when people are searching for content on a new issue or trend.
  • Useful content, such as hints and tips or Q&As, proves that you have got the right attitude as well as the knowledge. You know what you are talking about and you are willing to help.
  • Testimonials and reviews are proof of your credentials. OK, you don’t write these yourself (I hope!) but you can encourage them by prompting satisfied customers to give you feedback.
  • Case studies show that you are a problem solver. They demonstrate that you understand your clients’ concerns and that you will go out of your way to help them.
  • Blogs bring your brand to life, allowing you to talk directly to your target audience and create a recognisable “voice”. Your About us page is another key tool when it comes to sharing your story and establishing your brand personality.
  • Sharing content on social media sites proves that you are generous with your expertise and keen to reach out. And it gives people something tangible to share with their own networks. And, when they do, your sphere of influence grows.
  • Content fuels SEO. Everything you publish contributes to improving your search results. That brings in more website visitors, then they read your lovely content and before long they become new customers.

This year, we have produced more new content than ever – both for our clients and for the Donut websites. What’s more, we have redesigned our Donut websites and launched a brand new site – Sectors Donut. Now small businesses can get in-depth advice on running a business in 200 specific niches, as well as guidance on everything from tax and law to marketing, technology and starting up.

Just in case you missed anything, read our review of the year, which highlights some of the best content from 2016.

What can we do for you?

We specialise in providing high quality content aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. If this is your target audience, we can help.

We can provide:

  • Briefings, checklists and FAQs
  • Infographics, videos and interactive tools
  • Client case studies
  • Small business and legal news feeds
  • Topical blogging for your market
  • Online and offline marketing collateral
  • Content campaigns linked to your other marketing activities.

Now’s the time to firm up your content strategy for 2017 so you can hit the ground running. We’re here to help – give Emma Jones a call on 0117 373 6160 or email us on:

Rachel Miller is the editor of Marketing Donut.