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donutsAtom’s Donut websites have gone from strength to strength in 2014 with a 265% growth in traffic and just under one million page views a month. In 2015, we plan to relaunch the sites with a fresh new design and brand new features and functionality.

For now, with the year drawing to a close, here’s a look at some of our most popular content from across the sites.

Popular on Law Donut

Law Donut features masses of business law but also has useful information covering personal legal issues. Our personal law section has been particularly popular this year.

  • Divorce and separation
    What do people most want to know about financial matters at this stressful time?

The Law Donut has also got great advice on getting out of a lease and detailed information about the latest flexible working regulations.

Popular on Start Up Donut

If you’re just getting your business up and running, Start Up Donut is the best place to turn to for advice.

  • Your work-life balance
    It is possible to achieve a healthy work-life balance when you’re running a company. It’s just not easy. We’ve got some tips on how to make a business work for you.
  • Tax for the self-employed
    If you’ve never been self-employed before, you need to work out what taxes to pay and when. No problem with this useful guide.

Lots of our readers have been interested in our post on how to start up a café and tips on how to test if your ideas will work before launching a business.

Popular on Marketing Donut

Packed full of marketing advice for your business, Marketing Donut has grown strongly through 2014.

Here’s some of our top content:

  • How to build your brand
    Branding is as important for small businesses as it is for big companies — so make sure you do it right. We’ve got great advice on how to build your brand and some really interesting brand colour insights.

Fundamental to any marketing campaign, of course, is doing your research first. Make sure you really understand what quantitative research is and how to use it.

Popular on IT Donut

IT Donut has spent another year dishing out plain-English tech advice for small businesses. Here are some of the site’s most popular areas:

You might also have missed good reads on Stephen Fry’s domain and how hackers hack.

Popular on Tax Donut

Tax isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite subject. But we all have to pay it. That’s why Tax Donut exists.

  • How to lower your Corporation Tax
    This piece is a long-running favourite with Tax Donut visitors. We’ve absolutely no idea why… but our readers seem to be keen to reduce corporation tax.

You might also want to pick up some tax efficiency tips for self-employed people and advice on when to register for VAT.

If you enjoyed our selection above, you might want to have your own branded website with access to all this great content and much more. Call Jack or Emma on 0117 904 2224 to find out what we can do for you.