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Adding personality to our social media

Adding personality to our social media

As a company, we have decided it’s time to turn our attention to better interaction, through our social media, with clients, potential clients and followers who are interested in our articles and blogs. This is a great way to stay in touch, alongside showing new consumers who we are, what resources we can provide and keeping everyone up-to-date with the growth of the company.

Giving our social media a real personality is one of our key targets and to that end we have created a brand new role for a Digital Marketing Intern. There is a wealth of fantastic content on our site and this new post is a great opportunity to get the message out about just what’s on offer.

Last month I was lucky enough to be the chosen one: the one who will take on the role of professional chatterbox! I will be leading the way with all the social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, and co-ordinating our social outreach. My aim is to provide an easy communication point to share recent articles, blogs and promotions and to deal with any questions our followers have.

No stranger to outreach, I have just completed a Communication degree at Sheffield Hallam University where I not only gained a qualification but also left behind a functioning student radio station. I have always been interested in radio and, seeing a void, decided to create a radio station for the university – an ambitious project to say the least. Over three years we went from ideas to daily broadcasts and then the final push to sustain a live radio station.

Key to the station’s success was social media to build the station’s name and reputation from scratch. By the time I graduated I left behind 70 budding presenters and many regular listeners, so my belief in social media is founded on real experience.

What did we ever do without the Internet? I hope to return one day to check that the new Station Managers are looking after the station… and maybe even get a guest spot on one of their shows as a digital marketing expert!