Was George trying to tell us something?

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shutterstock_2086373Like most businesses, we were keen to hear what George Osborne had to say to us in last week’s Autumn Statement. Between the leaks and predictions there weren’t too many surprises, but we were heartened to find that he gave more than a nod to small businesses. And the first small business Saturday in the UK also got a mention.

The Start Up Donut this week carries blogs on the Statement and on why now is the best time to start a business. We may not have come out of austerity measures yet, but the argument goes that any business that can survive the lean times is more likely to flourish in the long run and will even have the pick of good people when recruiting key staff.

Meanwhile, it’s even more business than usual for retailers. Online shopping has become the easy way to avoid the crowds but independent retailers don’t have to miss out. If you still haven’t got a website, even as another window for your shop, now really is the time to do it.

The timing of the Autumn Statement, when we might be expected to be thinking of fun and festivity rather than hard figures, is itself quite a statement. Christmas may be coming, but there’s still a lot of work to do before we can all take that hard-earned break.