Why call it Donut, when it is full of advice, not jam?

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donutAt Atom we do ‘donut diagrams’ for projects in which we match sponsors and experts with specific topics.

So, back in 2009 when we were planning the first of the Donut websites, it was natural to call the Marketing Donut project, um, ‘the Marketing Donut project’.

Then we went through the website naming process. We came up with 60 potential names to consider.

No one raved about any of them. In fact, a mood of gloom descended upon us.

OK, not every name was totally serious. I will never be able to rid my mind of the 60th name, and the rationale for it: ‘Uranus, a space-age name that is, quite simply, unforgettable’. Ahem. Yes, and unsponsorable too.

So we carried on calling the project Donut for the time being. And the accolades poured in. Great name! Cool name! I like it! For a publisher that did a lot of work for the Government, including content on tax and law, this was heady stuff. Atom, the cool one.

But it was the meetings that sealed the matter.

We took a box of doughnuts to our first meeting with Google and Royal Mail, the founding sponsors of the Donut websites. The presentation we showed them was a hit, but the doughnuts were a sensation.

We looked at each other with the same realisation: the name Donut was here to stay.