North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, which provides information, training, events, business and international trade services, legal and HR advice to its 1,600 members and other businesses in the region.


“Our website already included information about our services, membership benefits and other information, but to better support our members, we wanted to add guidance about starting a business, as well marketing advice and IT advice existing businesses could trust,” explains Babs Murphy, chief executive of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.


“We have three online resource centres – one for start-ups, one that provides marketing advice and another that offers guidance to small firms on IT,” Babs continues.

“The fact that these online resources are branded in our own colours and integrated into our website is a big plus. The information is really well written and Atom takes care of updating when necessary. We need to ensure that such advice is reliable, accurate and tailored to our members needs.

“On our behalf, Atom also distributes a monthly newsletter, branded in our colours and with our logo. It’s sent to a high volume of businesses in our region each month, and it’s a great way of staying in touch with our members. Atom also provides readymade tweets we use to attract visitors to our website.

“Being able to offer additional support to businesses in our region – at a fraction of the cost of developing our own platform and content – really is brilliant. We simply don’t have the resources or budget to do it ourselves. And feedback from our members has been excellent.”

Working with Atom

Babs says: “We’ve been using Atom’s online SME advice for more than three years. We have faith in the quality of the content, because Atom has been a leading provider of SME advice and information for more than 20 years – they understand small businesses and their owners. They’re nice people to deal with, too.”

“We have faith in the content, because Atom has been a leading provider of business information and advice for 20 years – they understand small firms and their owners”Babs Murphy - North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce chief executive
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